About Us

We're a boutique physiotherapy practice specialising in backs, but equally happy to treat the whole body.

The Back Physio provides a place for those in pain to feel well supported on their journey back to better health.

Our treatment focuses on education, manual therapy and simple exercises and strategies that empower you to help yourself.

Our physiotherapists are experienced Manual Therapists who specialise in the Sarah Key Method of back treatment. We are confident that most back pain can be resolved without surgery. Give us the chance to show you how...


We love helping people and can treat more than just backs

(infact, many non-back pains are often referred from the spine)

Initial Consultation $170

1 hour consultation to allow plenty of time to assess you, explain the diagnosis, commence treatment and develop your home exercise plan.

Standard Consultation $105

1/2 hour treatment session and progression of exercises as appropriate.

Extended Consultation $170

1 hour treatment session ideal for complex cases and multiple treatment areas.

Not Sure If We Can Help?

If you're not sure whether we can help, or would like to check before committing to an appointment, please call or email to discuss.

Treatment costs claimable through Health Funds (depending on your personal insurance plan) and Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plans accepted.

Your Physiotherapist
image of Kate

Kate Adams (Principal Physiotherapist)

Kate qualified as a Physiotherapist in 2005 with a First Class degree from Cardiff University (UK) following a degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences from the University of Exeter (UK). She developed extensive experience in Inpatient and Outpatient roles, and trained in the Sarah Key Method in 2009.

After years of seeing patients falling in love with Sarah Key's 'Back Block', she joined Sarah at the Sarah Key Physiotherapy Centre in 2017. Following the closure of Sarah's Sydney clinic in 2018, Kate was keen to continue to provide specialist care for those suffering with back-related pains in and around Sydney, so The Back Physio was born!

Alongside her training in the Sarah Key Method, Kate also holds a Diploma in Sports Massage, and is trained in Acupuncture.